Day 1, Year 4

It hit me while standing in the rain, waiting for the lights on Northbourne to change, that today is my third year anniversary of moving to Canberra.

Of course it had to be Northbourne... the main avenue that leads into, and out of, this city. Flanked by the Melbourne and Sydney buildings, it neatly splits Civic into two. Ah, symmetry...

I've crossed Northbourne countless times. I've kissed and been kissed while waiting for the lights to change. I also remember waiting by the same lights alone, re-making Canberra my own.

When people ask me how I feel about Canberra, I reply, 'It depends on the day.'

(It's like any relationship, truly.)

"If you had bought a house in your first year, you'd be living in by now."

"I was only supposed to stay for one or two years..." I counter. (Mum loves talking property.)

I've started to think of life as 'before' and 'after' Canberra. 

("She's been dating him since before I moved to Canberra, right? So, at least four, five years.")

First year. I loved Canberra, no doubt.

Second year. The honeymoon wore off. (Beginning with a break-up did not help...) I was terrified I would spend the rest of my twenties as a public servant, trapped in Canberra.

Third year. Rocked the boat. Started a new job. Made new friends. Wrote. Wrote. Wrote. And found myself part of the local art community. I thought I knew who I was. I didn't. Not yet.


This year. I will make ripples.

Started a new job. Continue to challenge myself as a writer and Noted producer. Eurovision.

And perhaps, fall in love again.

(Here are my thoughts on Canberra last year. And the year before.)


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