life goes on

It's been a bit of a '2015' weekend. Extreme highs and lows. And crying.


  • Met the delightful Nashrah who wrote to me last year after reading my blog. I was so touched and humbled to receive her message. We bonded immediately over our love of words and similar outlook on life xoxoxo She is simply wonderful!!!
  • Saw Benjamin Law (fourth time!) and Michelle Law speak about growing up Chinese in Australia, writing about family, racism, and diversity in the media.
  • Booked flights to Europe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paid MUCH more than I should have for flights. Lesson.
  • Missing ex-colleagues and feeling nervous about starting a new job tomorrow.
  • Stressing (somewhat) about festival-planning, housing and holiday-planning.

On the plus side, I have the triple j Hottest 100 countdown to look forward to on Tuesday.

Here is my FINAL vote:


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