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FOUR weeks until New Year's Eve.

This week I filed my last review of the year and Top Five Books of 2015 for BMA.

('Filing' a story sounds so romantic...)

You can read Part 2 of my interview with Lex Hirst here about her favourite and most challenging thing about organising NYWF as well as tips for being a festival director.

Speaking of which, reading artist submissions and feeling damn lucky to be part of Noted, squee!

Christmas shopping was an unexpected breeze this year... I like buying presents for the people I love and from local artists. Looking forward to picking up a piece for myself by Georgia Black.

If you live in Canberra, I highly recommend Black's Think of your Thoughts exhibition.

Especially if you love clouds, as I do. (Closes this Sun 6 Nov.)

Off to Sydney tomorrow for Meg Mac and Jarryd James (co-headline). Happy weekend all xo


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