A few of my favourite things... (in 2015)

Before I reveal a few of my favourite things this year, I have news!

I won a prize for a review I wrote on 'Excavate' at You Are Here festival. It was one of the first pieces I had published this year so it feels like I've come full circle. Ending 2015 on a high note!
Judge’s Comments: Shu-Ling Chua writes about performance in clear prose, giving the reader both essential information and a balanced overview. She invites us into the experience, recreating what she has seen and heard in sharp detail, and then conveys the emotional impact of the work. Her review is succinct, fair and structurally sound.


Once again, the 10 songs I'll be voting for in triple j's Hottest 100 countdown of 2015.
NOTE: see here for my FINAL vote.


For months, I thought it would be In Colour by Jamie xx. I thought I wouldn't find an album to top its lushness... but then I discovered Art Angels by Grimes. I've been listening to it on repeat for just over a week now. Perfect for dancing. Pop with an edge. Defiant. 2015 in album form.

Special mention: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence + the Machine


I put together a list of my top five books of 2015 for BMA here

Number one was Small Acts of Disappearance by Fiona Wright (full review here).
Wright's essays on hunger dissect not just her personal experience with anorexia but her place in the world and what it means to live, with all our human flaws and frailty. Knitting travel writing, memoir, and literary discussions with medical studies, the essays are an attempt to understand – what brought her to this state, and what might it mean (or take) to recover... Just as the author is never defined by her illness, Small Acts of Disappearance is about the hunger for more  more control, more meaning  as well as the hunger to be free  free from the fear of rejection, of not fitting in.


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