Sarah Blasko (2013) remains one of my favourite concerts. (And I've been to many.)

In a recent interview, Blasko reveals her fifth album Eternal Return, out on 6 November, is
 about "that early feeling of being in love with somebody and about that connection."

For more by Blasko see here.

I think when you first fall in love, there is no doubt going into it. You're going in like a child, going in wholeheartedly... this is the first time I've captured this happiness.
All those feelings connect to childhood because that's when you are at your most honest, when you are not hiding anything. It's where a lot of your important memories are from and how you become who you are... Falling in love is letting go and being wholehearted in what you are doing and that's a very childlike state.
Too beautiful not to share.

(Me, I want someone to dance through life with.)


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