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When the days bleed into one, it's easy to forget I am so much more than what I do 9 to 5.

I thought I was leaving Newcastle for my normal life but what I realised was: 'This is my life.' 

I dipped in and out of panel discussions on memoir regret, writing about love and family, and 'other Englishes'. I danced the night away, laughed and moved to tears at late-night readings.

Last weekend brought out that bold, adventurous side I feared I lost this year.

I'm not the bright-eyed girl I was but I'm young. And I forget that.

On the last night, I walked along Nobby's Beach. Waves crashed, roared, thundered. The sea, menacing yet majestic. Unknowable. It washed away my footprints and worries.

I'm not religious but it was a baptism-of-sorts.

National Young Writers' Festival taught me a lot about writing but more importantly, I realised:

If I don't claim my life, someone else will. 


While I wasn't selected for Round 2, I feel incredibly lucky and grateful for everything I've learnt and the people I've met through HARDCOPY. I'm still working out (and living!) my story so HARDCOPY was always going to be 'just' the beginning. And it is.

List of writing goals from a year ago

     1. Make blog public
     2. Share with other bloggers
     3. Write / contribute to other blogs
     4. Write / contribute to print media
     5. Write / publish own book

While I'm still far from the last goal, I've ticked the rest and others along the way:

And now, my most exciting (and scary!) project to date, Live Producer for Noted Festival 2016.

I'm still pinching myself but looking forward to bringing Canberra all sorts of literary goodness.

1620 March 2016 : save the date xo


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