once upon a time, there was a little blog called Lagom Lyckig.

so-named to reflect its swedish roots.

dormant for a year, it re-emerged in canberra.

an after-thought. neglected for months.

preoccupied. with a guy.

post-breakup, i sought a different distraction. 

blogged everyday for a month.

and loved it. the creative freedom.

i kept writing and taking photos. read. travelled.

"if you make your blog public, i'll learn to swim."

"ok, deal."
(my friend is yet to learn swimming.)

so, here we are today. all thanks to sweden. and him.


here is another guy. winner of eurovision 2015. 

i've watched eurovision every year since 2007. i want to go.

yes. time to reprise sweden, i think.

P.S. Måns Zelmerlöw is from Lund. It must be a sign...


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