on insecurity

ah, in-flight magazines.

i like their lists of cake shops (amsterdam, tick).

and i like this quote.

like most writers / creatives, i struggle with self-doubt.

'is my work good enough?' 'will anyone read it?'


i once read an interview which asked Prabal Gurung (Michelle Obama is a fan), "Are you a confident person?"

No, no. In order to be a creative person you have to be insecure. I firmly believe that, but the main thing is the insecurity doesn't become crippling. 
I have my self-doubts. I have doubts about "am I pushing myself, am I good enough?" It is constantly what drives you.
What I am confident about is my own level of curiosity, my ability to really work hard and my ability to ask for help.
and that, is comforting.


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