first, we dream

the internet is a rabbit warren of creativity.

below are my favourites on instagram.

Type & Title (@typeandtitle | @_maggielea)
  • Who: Maggie Lea Waller (based in San Diego, US)
  • What: 'calligraphy and design for inspired romantics'

The Poetic by Type & Title

Plume Calligraphy (@plumecalligraphy)
  • Who: Aileen Fretz (based in Toronto, Canada)
  • What: 'modern calligraphy, hand-lettering, and design'

Olive Branch & Co (@olivebranchandco)
  • Who: Melissa Chan (based in Montreal, Canada)
  • What: 'calligraphy creations for peace, with much love'

Our Heiday (@ourheiday)
  • Who: Patricia Shen (based in Los Angeles, US)
  • What: bold hand lettering on painted abstract blends and illustrations

Poppies Thank You Card by Our Heiday

  • Who: May Leong (based in Sydney, Australia)
  • What: 'cute and quirky paper goods and homeware design'

  • Baby Went To Amsterdam by May And Baz

Liekeland (@liekevandervorst)
  • Who: Lieke van der Vorst (based in Helmond, Netherlands)
  • What: whimsically heart-warming illustrations

by Liekeland

Loui-Loui (@louiselj)
  • Who: Louise Ljungberg (based in Stockholm, Sweden)
  • What: pretty photos of flowers, food, nature and travel

and the lady who started it all:

Belinda Love Lee (@belindalovelee)
  • Who: Belinda Love Lee (based in Cardiff, UK)
  • What: 'a petite design & illustration studio' - simply gorgeous...

lettering by Belinda Love Lee (for me!)


: the art of making beautiful handwriting

high on my list of 'things to learn'.

(watch this space.)

(we all begin somewhere.)


  1. I enjoyed this! I would also like to dabble in calligraphy :) x

    1. Thanks Janelle :) I really enjoyed putting this post together but still haven't had the time to learn. Hope you're well, miss you!! xo


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