Without fanfare

Seeing as I wasn't spending Easter in Melbourne this year, my family decided to visit (and help me move) instead.

Last time they were here, I'd just moved to Kingston.

And now I'm moving again... with furniture!

Since the last move, I've acquired a coffee table, TV, bed, fan, clothes rack and bookcase (my pride and joy!)

Despite thinking I wasn't ready,
I have furniture to call my own.

They arrived Friday evening (after a whole day of driving) and we had delicious home-cooked goat curry for dinner.

The living room was divided up for sleeping. ("Like Antarctica," said Dad.) It reminded me of family holidays.

Saturday: (AM) Old Parliament House and National Gallery. (PM) Lunch and shopping at Canberra Centre, dolsot bibimbap for dinner. Finished with cocktails.

Sunday: (AM) Old Bus Depot Market. Moved bed (!) to new home. (PM) More moving. Brother cooked steak for dinner, Mum roast pumpkin and I garlic bread. It was a feast!

And just like that. The weekend was over.

They left as they arrived. Without fanfare. I waved.


  1. Dearest Shu-Ling

    Yeah! we had a lovely time with you :)


    1. Thank you all for visiting, feeding me home-cooked food and helping me move xoxo

  2. Amazing photos :D What was goat curry like?

    1. It was delicious 'comfort food'... Mum cooked and brought it from Melbourne!


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