On one thing leading to another

Call it fate or chance, one thing leads to another.

And it isn't until you look back that you understand.

The significance of that decision.

Of meeting that person. Of that conversation. Of that day.

If I hadn't spent two weeks on exchange in Year 12, I wouldn't have enrolled in a BA to continue Japanese. 

If I hadn't dropped Chinese in the first week, I wouldn't have picked up a Politics & International Studies major.

If I hadn't decided I wanted to work for the government (because of all this), I wouldn't be here. In Canberra.

I started intending to write about how Alain de Botton ('The Art of Travel') led me to William Wordsworth ('Intimations of Immortality').

But wrote instead about how I came to be in Canberra.

(Perhaps they're the same story.)


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