Ephemeral. Transient. Fleeting.

For someone so young and untouched by death / illness, I seem to be overly preoccupied with the passing of time. 

The vague feeling that 'this' won't last forever.

I remember once writing a speech (in Japanese) on cherry blossoms as a metaphor for life and the passing of time. 

After one, two weeks, the petals scatter to the wind. Like snow. A beautiful but haunting reminder of our mortality.

Perhaps it comes from being an 'old soul'.

Reflecting on the fragility of life seems sad.

But it's not.
After Lunch
After lunch -- one short nap;
On waking up -- two cups of tea.
Raising my head, I see the sun's light
Once again slanting to the south-west.
Those who are happy regret the shortness of the day;
Those who are sad tire of the year's sloth.
But those whose hearts are devoid of joy or sadness
Just go on living, regardless of 'short' or 'long'.
Po Chu-i (772-846)
Translation by Arthur Waley
From Eat This Poem. Recipes inspired by poetry, naturally.

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