Out in the Hills

And so...

my 10 minute walk to the postbox on Sunday unexpectedly turned into a 75 minute expedition to explore my new neighbourhood.

I followed the gentle slope uphill, stopping every few houses to enjoy the view and watch the landscape unfold beneath me. It was a pleasant walk and one I hope to repeat.

You will have probably noticed my fascination with Parliament House by now -here and abroad, I've visited six!

Can't resist taking photos of 'the house on the hill' from multiple angles!

I watched a plane take off, then turned to walk home. Already rather impressed, I decided to drive up to the Red Hill lookout (which I discovered by accident the day before while working out a new, quicker route to Woden).

From the photos below, you can see the view was amazing and the weather perfect. You could literally see the whole of Canberra stretch before you...

It was so beautiful and tranquil... I'm still deciding whether to keep it a secret or to share my discovery. I think I'll keep it mine for just a little bit longer!

The photo on the right is of Civic, Canberra's city centre. You will notice there are hardly any tall buildings, which makes it feel even less like a city! 
This last photo is of Woden - a 'satellite city' just south of Canberra. 

Everything here is so close that Woden is regarded as far away when in reality, it's only 13km from Civic...

P.S. While 'researching' for this post, I came across this interesting composition inspired by Parliament House. Click here to give it a listen!


  1. Nice scenery, good photos.

    luv mum

    1. Thanks Mum! Looking forward to sharing it with you :)


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