It pleases me to share how my repertoire of dishes has grown these past few weeks. 

Looking back on my exchange days, I now realise that alternating between fried rice and pasta did not necessarily mean I knew how to cook. I remember how exciting it was to roast vegetables for the first time... 

Coming home from work to cook dinner can be a pain but also incredibly satisfying. There is something soothing (even empowering...) about being able to prepare a quick, delicious meal from scratch so I'm particularly excited about this post - dedicated to my dear Mum!

Cooking for one person can be difficult because it means thinking of ways to use one kilogram of potatoes creatively (i.e. Japanese curry, roast potatoes and curry puffs). I served kangaroo steak with bok choy one day, terriyaki the next and finally in fried rice.

It helps to plan the week in advance to avoid having to make multiple trips to the supermarket and/or buying too much food. I try to do all my grocery shopping at once on the weekend - usually at Fyshwick Market - and then maybe once mid-week at Coles.

Living away from home never fails to remind me how much I take for granted but having to do everything myself (from cooking to laundry, driving, dealing with ants...) fosters a certain sense of self-sufficiency. The independence I now enjoy is different because my responsibilities have grown and changed.

And they will only continue to grow... It feels strange to think I will be 22 tomorrow, the same age as Dad when he moved to Australia. I wonder if he knew then what a life-changing decision it would be and if moving to Canberra will mean the same for me. Only time will tell... Life works in mysterious ways!


  1. Happy belated birthday Shu-Ling!!!

    I kept thinking your birthday is on the 25th for some reason :S

    The food looks delicious :D

  2. Dearest Ginger,

    Thanks for the (early) birthday wishes!! My birthday is indeed tomorrow on the 25th (good memory!)

    The blog must have reverted to the date I started this post (20 March) instead of the date I finished it (24 March). Thanks for pointing that mistake out. I've just fixed it :)

    Ha ha, I still have a lot to learn but I'll cook for you if you come visit xoxo

  3. Dearest Daughter

    Thank you for writing this special page, I am very proud of your creative cooking and lovely dishes. I love you.


    1. Thanks for the advice and cooking tips! Still plenty to learn but at least I'm improving! Love you too xoxo


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