Enlighten Canberra (1 - 9 March)

Old Parliament House

Rather than mope about events I would miss in Melbourne, I remember deciding to find things to look forward to in Canberra. 

I attended the first of these - Enlighten Canberra - on its opening night yesterday.

In addition to the beautiful 'architectural projections' and other events, a number of attractions opened late until 11pm. I started at the National Archives of Australia (where I saw the original copy of Australia's Constitution) before proceeding to Parliament House (old and current).

There was something thrilling about wandering about Parliament House late at night. I had never seen it this quiet or empty (this was my sixth visit) and probably never will again. The highlight was going up to the roof and looking out over Canberra. Walking across the lush grass, feeling the night breeze on my face, listening to the flag rustling above me... it was something special.

Parliament House
I had planned on heading home after this but ended up stopping by at the National Portrait Gallery and eventually wandered down to the National Library of Australia. I passed a cluster of food stalls and a small group of people dancing to live music along the way. There was thankfully no crowds anywhere.

National Portrait Gallery

National Library of Australia

It was a wonderful finish to my second week of work and start to autumn (though slightly chilly). I'm looking forward to the Balloon Spectacular - apparently listed as one of the top four hot air ballooning events in the world - starting next Saturday night and of course, Floriade in spring!

Old Parliament House


  1. Wow, it is beautiful. We wish we were there.


  2. What a wonderful view! I've visited the parliament house in the daytime...shld go at night, hehe;)

  3. Incredible photos! Old parliament house looks so pretty! This reminds me of White Night in Melbourne (although that apparently had enormous crowds, I think I'd prefer Enlighten Canberra to be honest :)).


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