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I've been living in Canberra for just over two weeks now, slowly settling into work and a new city. Everyone I've met so far has been kind and supportive.

I won't (and can't) write about work so I'll focus instead on life more generally in Canberra. Last weekend, I discovered a great second-hand book store and vintage clothes store in Lyneham and Lonsdale Street Traders in Braddon.

One of my favourite places in Melbourne is Brunswick Street. I love (and miss!) its eclectic, quirky vibe and hope to find something similar here. Canberra will never be Melbourne but Lonsdale Street Traders is the closest I've found so far. I enjoyed a decent chai latte at Sweet Bones café and bought a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland letter set from Hive2.

There was another vintage clothes store (slightly out of my price range), second-hand book store, florist, bike shop and homeware store. I expect to spend more time here over the year and have been recommended to visit New Acton.

I spent a few moments reflecting by Lake Burley Griffin later that evening (after attending the National Multicultural Festival with several grads).

On Sunday, I went to Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets and bought a week's worth of vegetables (baby bok choi, zucchini, carrots, snow peas, french beans, red capsicum, rocket) and white nectarines for $12. I'm still trying to finish it all!


  1. Hi, Shu-Ling! It's really nice that I can enjoy reading your blog again!! You seem to become more and more used to life in Canberra and enjoy exploring the city. If I have the chance to visit Canberra, take me to your favorite shops there :) Oh, I might spend more than a few hours choosing books and letter sets :) Good luck with your job and enjoy yourself! Genki de Gambatte ne!!

    1. Thanks for your comments Miyuki!

      It's always wonderful to hear from you and I'm glad you're enjoying my blog :) It motivates me to keep writing!

      I'm certainly settling into work and life in Canberra. I'd love to show you around if you visit though to be honest, the shopping is rather limited here and better in Melbourne.


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