A place to call home

Close to one month after arriving in Canberra, I finally moved into my apartment in Red Hill. Unpacking my suitcase, setting up my stereo (very important) and desk, I felt I had arrived in Canberra again but this time, for real and to stay. I already like my room. My new place might be small but it feels cosy and more like home than the Kingston apartment ever did. 

My new room - yay!

View from the street - morning
From the photo (left), you can see the view from the front of my apartment. 

Red Hill is a pretty neighbourhood with wide, tree-lined streets, quiet and hilly (unsurprisingly). 

The streets are gorgeous at twilight though I can't wait for the leaves to change colour in autumn!

I'll miss car-pooling and being able to pop over to visit the grads I shared temporary accommodation with but love having a place to call my own.


  1. Wow! You've got such a good room with lots of sunshine in a very nice neighborhood! Yeah, the autumn leaves there must be beautiful!
    Here in Tokyo, the first spring storm (Haru ichiban) blew and it was very windy and warm yesterday. I cannot wait to enjoy cherry blossom viewing parties during my spring break:)

    1. Ha ha, the apartment is small and a little old but all I want is somewhere comfortable to relax (i.e. 'escape' from work) and sleep. I'm happy with where I am so far!

      I wish I could see the cherry blossoms with you... Maybe next year? Take care during the storms!

  2. Cosy is definitely how it looks! Very cute! I like your stripey bedspread, lol :P So good to hear you're settling in well!!

  3. Your room looks nice and cosy and the street looks lovely :) I'm looking forward to photos of it during Autumn :)


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