Canberra (day 2 - 4)

Keeping a blog takes discipline, internet access and most importantly, TIME. These past few days in Canberra have passed quickly, indicating what is perhaps to come... Adjusting to working life will be difficult but after 17 years of study, I look forward to embracing this new 'lifestyle' :)

Writing about the events of several days requires extra time and thought but for the sake of recording my first week in Canberra, I will summarise:

Day 2 (Thu) - Visited the National War Memorial. I highly recommend taking a guided tour. Our guide brought the various exhibits to life with his in-depth knowledge and stories. Plenty to see and extremely well put-together.

National War Memorial
Arrived at Parliament House just in time for another guided tour. The last time we were all here was in January 2000 so tucked away in my album is a photo of my brother and I in the exact same spot thirteen years ago...

Parliament House - with Mum and Dad

Senate - with brother
Day 3 (Fri) - Had a very milky chai latte with one of the other grads and in the afternoon, went on a guided tour of the Royal Australian Mint. It was fascinating to see where our coins are made and to learn the history behind them. Received my first response to view a room, exciting!

Royal Australian Mint
Day 4 (Sat) - Viewed room in the morning. The flat is a little old and small but in a good location (Red Hill) and shared with two girls. I decided to take it and will be moving in at the end of February. Moved into temporary accommodation in the afternoon, went to the Australian National Botanic Gardens and National Museum, then sent family to airport. Went grocery shopping, then met several other grads for drinks/nibbles in the evening.


  1. Glad you found a place Shu-ling! All the best!!!

    1. Thanks Ginger! I'm really glad too :)


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