The year that was... (2019)


This year, I published: 'From the Other Side' (on self-destruction vs. self-creation and many things), articles on my father's garden and making tong jyun, book reviews of Lonely Asian WomanThings Nobody Knows But MeDry Milk and Shame On Me, a lyric essay on Gemma Chan and the violence of being looked at as a 'yellow woman', and TEN POEMS!!!!!

I used to write poetry as a child (I even won second prize in a local contest!) and very briefly as a teen (for a month or so?). I've been wanting to write poetry again since 2016.

This year I finally felt ready.

You can read the suite ('BREATHES DOWN OUR') I wrote as part of Doubting Writing/Writing Doubt here and my poem 'empty bed' in Rabbit Issue 29: Lineages.

I'm very much a baby poet but it gives me so. much. joy. (and a new challenge!)



I changed jobs and settled into my late twenties (lol). I travelled to Canberra, Newcastle and Wellington. I 'discovered' figure-hugging dresses and gold and rose gold lipstick.

Today I caught my reflection in the glass of buildings: dark navy (almost black) lace mini-dress, Marc Jacobs tartan trench coat, black f**ck-me heels.     Daaaaamn I looked good.

I was on my way to catch up with A, one of my first friends in Canberra. I can't believe we met almost seven years ago. It was sooo good to see her!! I love how old friends remind you of who you were (past), who you are (present) and who you could be (future).

forever grateful xx

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