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My darling readers

I had grand plans of sharing what I learnt at Emerging Writers' Festival. It will take a while to work my notes into something cohesive so for now, here is advice to hold close forever and ever.
For the rest of eternity, your story will never come again.
- Courtney Sina Meredith -
The more I write, the less time I have for blogging. While I'm not quite ready to step away from hello pollyanna, I'm re-assessing my writing goals and where to concentrate my time and effort.

Should I return to my manuscript, for example, or continue pitching and building my portfolio? Would I be better off focusing on writing prizes and fellowships? Should I keep blogging?

Neither in the 'big leagues' nor a 'beginning writer', I haven't felt I've been producing work I know I'm capable of. It's not enough to be published. I want my work to be worth sharing.

My first fiction piece since primary school (!) will be published shortly. So used to writing about myself and knowing how a story 'ends', it was challenging but I had an excellent editor who encouraged me to see what came out of the writing, rather than worrying about its message.

I'm also re-working a 'Writers' Other Jobs' piece for The Writers Bloc, following feedback from friends. I had the deadline extended to the end of July as I really want to get it right.

Finally, a couple of excellent blogs recently discovered: book-plate (literary criticism and recipes) and Extraordinary Routines (an interview project on the daily routines of creatives).

SL xo


  1. Nice job on the fiction piece, where's it getting published? :D And I'm really really looking forward to your Writers' other jobs article!

    1. Thanks Wendy! It'll be published in Seizure, a journal I really admire, and includes sections in Taiwanese Mandarin because it's for the Translated Edition.

      Restructured Writers' Other Jobs article yesterday and have the middle section to rewrite but it's coming together. Glad you're looking forward to it because it's been tricky to write!

      So awesome to finally meet you at EWF xo

    2. Ooh awesome, I'll keep an eye out for both :)

      And yes, same to you! :D

  2. So happy to see you are blogging again! I have been checking your blog regularly and was wondering where you have been. So excited for your new writing adventures, wishing you all the best <3

    1. Thanks Nashrah!!! Comments like yours keep me blogging xo I've been regularly checking yours! So happy and proud to see you grow in confidence as a person and writer :D Inspiring! All the best and looking forward to catching up soon xo


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