writerly happenings

A FEW exciting things happened last week.

1. We launched the program for Noted (1620 March 2016). Only FOUR weeks to go!!!

Even if you can't make our live events (Independent Publishing Fairexhibitionworkshops / panelsmy pet project Lit Hop and MORE), do check out our digital and children's streams.

Oh, and everything is FREE.

2. The editor-in-chief of a publication I'm keen to write for asked if I'd like to meet for coffee.

3. I was short-listed for a Feminartsy Writing Residency. While I wasn't ultimately successful, it means a lot to me have the support of an editor I greatly admire and respect.

My piece was republished in Writers Bloc two weeks ago with the following editor's note:
'Biting My Tongue' is a brave piece that addresses the issue of consent and sexual assault in an honest and moving way. The piece resonated widely with our audience, and I think that speaks to what we want to achieve with Feminartsy – those moments of connection that spark some deeper thought on the issue at hand.


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