me: "could still cobble an application together i suppose."

friend: "that's plenty of time. definitely do it!"


HARDCOPY Round 1 application
  • What the book is about and why it needs to be written
  • Who you are and your credentials for writing the book
  • A statement of work on the project done to date
  • A statement of similar or competing books that have already been published
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline
  • Sample text (max. 15-20 pages)

the night before submitting, i inadvertently crashed my laptop.

couldn't open anything. WHY DID I CLICK THAT LINK?!?!

BUT managed to salvage and send.

(incidentally, the day i met Annabel Crabb. a sign?)


received email offering me a place. HARDCOPY 2015, 
a professional development program for Australian writers.

me! i read it twice, thrice.


‘Towards the Best MS’ – a three-day manuscript development masterclass with professional freelance editor Nadine Davidoff

nervous anticipation (would i be good enough?) turns to relief. 

everyone - Nadine, ACTWC staff and other 25 HARDCOPIERS - are simply wonderful. kind. patient. supportive. understanding.

there is much wisdom imparted. and much sharing.

emotionally draining but rewarding.


i throw words into a document titled 'working draft'.

34,000 words. 114 pages. (most will never see the light of day.)


life gets in the way. word count: 0


HARDCOPY Round 2 application
  • A covering letter outlining your book proposal and writing credentials. 
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline. 
  • First 30 pages of manuscript.

sleepless nights. sculpting sand. 

slash. burn. red ink. tears. just. get. something. in.


submit. sigh of relief. wait.

'Intro2Industry' - three-day seminar on the publishing industry

(to be continued)

that's the last six months in a nutshell.

i like to think i would have found my way as a writer.


without HARDCOPY, it would have taken longer.

so, where to next?

i'm reviewing books for BMA Magazine (my first column!) and off to National Young Writers' Festival in October.


this is just the beginning.

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