everything. nothing.

Yesterday was my 'half-birthday'. Which means I'm closer to 25 than 24.

2015 has been a roller-coaster of a year. 2014 was a year of waiting and 2013 of change.

With three months to go, 2015 is looking like the year where nothing and everything happened.

Confused? I am.   

Nothing. I haven't left Canberra or the APS. Despite wanting to.

Everything. Most obviously, I've found myself as a writer. But there are also the things I hide.

Insecurities. Fear. Sadness. Anger. Tears. Of which there have been many.

I don't have all the answers – and never will  but I'm taking baby steps towards a new dream.


That perpetual rain-cloud, it exists. 

Tears trickling. Heart decaying. All you want to do, is curl up and sleep.

You hide the pain as best as you can but it leaks like a pen, staining every part of your life.

Some end everything. Others  like myself  are lucky to have people they can turn to.

There is no shame in asking for help.


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