"don't leave canberra."

i push her playfully. no one has said that to me before.

some of my most delightful friends are from high school or uni but there are others i've met completely by chance. 

at a bed & breakfast in turku. a neighbour's halloween party or club in lund. a hostel in olso. a bus to finnish lapland.

or less exotically, at 'networking' events, a christmas in july lunch or reviewing an arts festival in canberra.

that immediate click.

how could you not believe in fate?


  1. i miss miss miss you. like a tonne. like i really wish we could have one of our cute dinners tomorrow night and discuss every topic under the sun.

    1. i miss you sooo much! i miss our foodie dates and awesome chats xoxo can't wait for our next adventures :) west coast, woo!


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