ah, day trips

spent Saturday afternoon at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Only to taste the warmth, the light, the wind (c. 1939) - Olive Cotton

that delicious glow of summer (and youth).

lingering. stretching. slipping.
like the waves.

tumbling. rushing. in, out. in, out.

as always in sydney, so. much. good. food.

ramen ikkyu: chef's special (w black garlic oil and chili oil). bouncy noodles. slivers of porky goodness.

hakiki: flamed caramel with peanuts and rock salt. first time trying turkish ice cream. marshmallow-y texture. love!

and (thanks for the tip E!)

shenkin kitchen: baked eggplant (smoky earthiness) with falafel balls (best!), tahini, spicy corriander, harissa and hummus.


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