on rabbit-holes... and belinda love lee

the internet.

a rabbit-hole of wonder (and distraction).

like alice, i grasp at threads. wisps. clues.

uncertain where a link may take me.

new blog. music. (friend?)

Belinda Love Lee - pretty!

last week, i stumbled across Belinda Love Lee.

(i can't even remember how.)

her (im)perfectly beautiful hand-lettering caught my eye.

and i found myself coming back for more.

by Belinda Love Lee

spent the weekend reading her blog from beginning to end.

admiring Belinda's pretty photos, words, work.

(creativity isn't easy.)

by Belinda Love Lee

i was so inspired by Belinda's warm, encouraging writing (and freelance tips) that i wrote to tell her so.

and received the loveliest reply!

customised stamps by Belinda Love Lee

connecting with someone on the other side of the world.

that's the beauty of the internet.

and blogging. truly.


see Belinda's blog for more of her work.

i'm personally looking forward to reading more this year!

custom wedding stationery by Belinda Love Lee


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