living for the next big adventure is all very well

but it's the 'everyday' that truly counts

i like being giddily excited as much as the next person

but one can't rely only on the peaks

(that will just lead to disappointment)

i may not be in new york again, for a while yet

but i'll always find joy in:

family / friends / books / music / photos / sunshine

words / letters / tea / ice cream / colour / dresses

dancing / blogging / dreaming / exploring / laughing

(oh, and flowers)

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. 
- Hans Christian Andersen -


  1. I always love your outlook on life baby Shling! Your blog really captures the essence of your voice, I love catching up on all these posts and I hope you keep blogging this year too! 新年快乐!


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