On Parliament House and writing...

Today was a good day. I woke up at 9, quickly did the laundry and reached Parliament House by 11 for Open Day celebrating its 25th Anniversary. 

I wanted to get there early for a tour of the Prime Minister's Office. The line was long but moved quickly. We were allowed to take photos only in the Prime Minister's Courtyard which you might recognise from TV. The gate is for the use of the PM and VIPs such as President Obama and I was surprised to find the Cabinet Room also open for viewing!

So many areas not normally publicly accessible were open today. I had a lovely time exploring the Parliamentary Library and gardens but forgot about the basement. The view from the roof was great and there was no shortage of people to help me take photos. 

After a week of cold weather, today reached a balmy 16.8 degrees (or as a friend described it, 'cardi weather'). I made it just in time for lunch at my favourite cafe and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping in Canberra Centre.
With spring and a weekend in Melbourne approaching, I can't help feeling excited about the weeks ahead. 

I'm settling into my new role and starting to truly enjoy it. I like change but not the uncertainty that sometimes comes with it...

Reading Quiet by Susan Cain, The Family Law by Benjamin Law and Speechless by James Button in recent months has rekindled my childhood dream of becoming a writer... I really connected with their writing as an introvert, as an Asian-Australian and as someone who moved from Melbourne to Canberra to work at PM&C.

I would like to write something that makes others feel something... Writing for others is so much more challenging than writing for myself. I remain hopeful of fulfilling this dream one day.


  1. Seems like there is a lot to see :) Miss you lots! Blogging is a good way to start writing :)


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