Looking for spring

So I went looking for spring last Saturday...
                                                           I think I caught a glimpse of her.

I had been feeling out of sorts for the past two weeks... lost, anxious and uncertain in my new rotation while also missing my old team very much.

I underestimated the change that was required. While there was still plenty to learn in my old team and policy area, I had become accustomed to familiar faces and a certain working style.

I knew what to expect and what was expected of me. I'm now learning how to set realistic expectations of myself.

It is amazing what beautiful weather (18.9 degrees!) can do to lift one's spirits. 

I walked to the post box and then spent a pleasant couple of hours reading my favourite magazine sitting in my favourite 'woodland' as the sun began to set... in my new favourite dress too!


  1. It's getting much warmer in Melbourne too. I think by the time you come back it'd be really warm again :D

  2. I Love that last photo of the trees and the sun


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