Winter + trees

The following quote from Very Fond of Food: a year in recipes by Sophie Dahl perfectly captures sentiments expressed in my previous post:
There is a finite certainty to the seasons that I, as a neurotic ever-pursuer of order, find blissfully predictable.
Canberra continues to approach the depths of winter in the last week of June. The grass sparkles with frost as I leave for work and it is dark when I leave the office. I've always felt there was a stark beauty to winter...

I decided on a whim yesterday to visit the National Arboretum but didn't stay long because I had change for only half an hour of parking and was wearing heels. The Arboretum opened in early this year so it is a work in progress. The view was beautiful though I look forward to returning in better weather!



  1. Shu-Ling, I believe, over the years, this part of National Arboretum will be a beautiful forest.



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