Five months on...

Written months apart, my last three posts share a common theme... trees! Coincidentally (or not), City of Trees is a Centenary of Canberra project. There is no denying trees form an important part of Canberra's landscape.

At the National Arboretum (second visit)
While Canberra continues to grow on me, it's no surprise that my favourite places remind me of Melbourne. I remember laughing at an article describing how Canberra's first official laneway restaurant would 'kick-start Canberra's laneway dining revolution'. Laneway dining is nothing new in Melbourne!

But I take it all back now... Loading Zone is my new favourite place to dine in Canberra. I went for the first time for lunch yesterday and again today! The food is simple but brilliant, the music great and the service excellent.

Pappardelle with portobello mushrooms, mascarpone & hazelnuts
This dish was so good... I was torn between eating it all at once and savouring every mouthful! The flavours were perfect - the earthiness of the mushrooms, fresh parsley... Loved it! Now, to share or to keep secret?


  1. Wow that dish looks amazingly delicious!! (Trust me to comment on the food, haha)
    BTWs I sent you a lovely letter in the mail on Friday, so hopefully you'll get it soon :) xoxo

    1. Ha ha, no surprise that you commented on the food Viv ;)

      It was delicious! I've been back three times since :) I really, really want to try the 'Penne with roast pumpkin, amaretto, mascarpone and hazelnuts' but I'm always at work when it's on the menu... I'd love to take you there if you visit!

      Thanks again for the letter Viv and looking forward to seeing you soon xoxo


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