Canberra (day 1)

And so, we arrive in Canberra yesterday after 8 hours of driving...

Scenery along the way
After unloading some luggage at the hotel, we drove around checking a list of houses and apartments in Narrabundah and Kingston. While I have temporary accommodation organised for me, I will have to find my own accommodation after four weeks. I've emailed and left messages with a few share houses but so far no response, which is disheartening and a little worrying...

I couldn't help wondering what I've got myself into... Despite being warned about the competitive housing market, I'm here just a few days before starting work. After shedding a tear or two of frustration, we went out for Korean BBQ in Manuka. It's amazing how uplifting a good meal can be :)

It'll take a while to get used to everything in Canberra (yes, I've been doing ALL the driving here) but I'll manage... Ha ha, I don't have any other choice!


  1. Awww you will be fine Shu-Ling! I'm sure there will be a place for you to stay :) Ganbatte ne! xxoo


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