The beginning of a new chapter?

Tomorrow I will have lived in Lund for exactly 21 weeks... I counted!

I finally worked out my room is the fourth from the left!
In the process of packing to leave one home for another, I came across my collection of aerogrammes (Dad) and Christmas cards (three from Japan, two from Sweden, five from Australia), a reminder of all your love and support!

The sun was out yesterday... a miracle!
The past five months have been absolutely amazing and the best of my life. But all good things come to an end... I obviously feel sad but at the same time, I've always known it would be for one semester, no more and no less. 

Lund University... mine for another two weeks!
Knowing I would be leaving in six months made me appreciate everything and everyone I met all the more... I have been amazingly lucky :) Returning to Melbourne won't be easy but it means a new chapter in my life. As much as I love Europe, I think I'm slowly beginning to slot back into my 'old' life...


  1. Dad/Mum: Last day in Lund (January 23, 2012) which is the first day of Chinese New Year - Year of Dragon. so YES, the beginning of new chapter..

    Absolutely this exchange student programe is one of your best experience in your life. You have been working very hard and enjoying very much in Lund. We are very happy and proud of you!

    Welcome Back, Welcome Home!

    Love:) Dad/Mum


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