Lapland: truly magical...

Having absolutely no idea what to expect, I must admit I was a little nervous venturing into the far north of Finland. Had I packed enough warm clothes? And was subjecting myself to further sleep deprivation such a good idea?

First footprints in the snow :)
Lapland was certainly beyond anything I had experienced... and in a good way. The wintery, snow-covered landscape was desolately beautiful I can't remember the last time I tried so many new things in a week - from ice-fishing, quinzee-building, GPS-orienteering (with snow shoes!) and skiing to jumping into the ice-cold lake after a stint in the Finnish sauna.

Absolutely crazy but so much fun... Not being able to see Aurora Borealis the first two nights failed to dampen my spirits. Just being able to spend time with good friends - chatting, cooking, laughing - was enough for me.

As it happened, the clouds finally decided to clear on our third night. Upon hearing that the Northern Lights were finally visible, my friends and I dashed madly back to our room from the sauna to dress more warmly. Scanning the sky for signs of Aurora Borealis, I had never seen so many stars in my life!

Watching Aurora Borealis with friends
I'm sorry my camera wasn't good enough to capture Aurora Borealis. Seeing a faint tinge of green weave its way across the night sky was simply magical...

Some memories just aren't designed to be captured on film. They rather leave imprints your heart, like footprints in the snow...
Experiencing the Arctic Ocean...


  1. Moi Shu-Ling! I got your lovely Christmas package the day before yesterday, and today I received your postcard from Helsinki. Kiitos paljon :) I just found out you're in Lapland, so I hurried to read your blog :) Wow, your trip to Lapland is full of exciting adventures. All the pictures you posted're just amazing!! I really enjoyed very wintry and sacred atmosphere there. Gee, the snowflake on the woolen cap is so pretty. Hope you have a spelendid time for the rest of your trip.

  2. Hej Miyuki!

    Wow... I can't believe how quickly the postcard arrived from Helsinki :) Glad the package arrived before Christmas! I agree there's a very special aura in Lapland - nothing else quite like it in the world! Ha ha, my friends and I spent several minutes in the snow trying to take good photos of snowflakes. It was so difficult! I have less than four weeks remaining in Lund but one last trip to look forward to in January (Paris > Geneva > Vienna)!

    Shu-Ling xoxo


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