Déjà vu

Back in Helsinki in the exact same cafe where I wrote my first blog post from Europe [Helsinki (day 1)]! The past few weeks, I've been like a leaf blown about by the wind... I'm falling so behind with updating my blog!

With J again (windmill-spotting) - yay!
Straight after finishing my take-home exam for Swedish Politics, I was off to Amsterdam to visit Jen (25 - 28 Nov). She returned the favour as the first person to visit me in Lund a few days later (30 Nov - 2 Dec). The next day, I was in London for the weekend with my Mum, Dad and brother (3 - 5 Dec). They returned with me to Lund and we were in Stockholm (8 - 10 Dec). And now... I'm in Helsinki to join a student trip to Lapland (14 - 20 Dec) with three friends from Lund. Fingers crossed we will see the Northern Lights!

One of many photos from beautiful Amsterdam...
I can't feeling exhausted reading through all that... Photos to come soon!


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