Some interesting facts about Sweden

1. According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), Sweden ranks 2nd in the world after Finland in terms of coffee consumption per person.

2. More than half of Sweden's land surface is covered with forest - mostly coniferous - punctuated by an astonishing 100,000 lakes.

3. Sweden is the third-largest exporter of music in the world.

4. The most common baby names are Maja for girls & Oscar for boys.

5. In 2009, nuclear power supplied 37 % of the country’s electricity, hydro power supplied 49 % and wind power almost 2 %, with the remaining 12 % being made up of fossil- fuelled and biofuel-based production.


  1. Now I know why you like to drink coffee all of a sudden..

  2. Ha ha, I've learnt how to order a coffee in Swedish but I don't drink that much! Besides, you know the saying: when in Rome...

    En kaffe, tack.

    A coffee, please.


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