work work work

It's been a while since I felt excited about writing.

I used to feel THRILLED each time I received an acceptance, edits etc.

I still feel grateful and a small squee! but I'm also aware that it translates into more   work.


August was busy though not as busy as last year lol.

I celebrated the launch of nine Subbed In books, including blur by the by Zhi Yi Cham and When I die slingshot my ashes onto the surface of the moon by Jennifer Nguyen. My darling friends, I'm so, so proud of them xx I carried the two chapbooks with me everyday for a week. It was an absolute JOY to read alongside Maree, Aline, Saaro, Jen and Zhi.

I had a wonderful time (sadly less than 48 hours in CBR). It was so good to see my friends and laugh over dinner, to just sit back and relax. I didn't realise how much, or more to the point, how hard I'd been performing   (confidence  [at work] ). It felt good to just be.

At the time, I was reviewing Shame on Me by Tessa McWatt.

Jen asked if I enjoyed reviewing and I replied, 'Not really, but I like my editor.'

Returned with a dreadful cough (was off work for a week!) and said no to reviving my column (meant to write five last year but wrote three) and reviewing a friend's exhibition.

It felt good to say no.


I was going to read a piece about Gemma Chan but changed my mind. Zhi, Saaro and Jen have inspired me so much. I wanted them to be the first to hear my poems.

I read a selected few days later at ACCA, as part of Doubting Writing/Writing Doubt. You can listen here and a digital publication will be launched at the end of November.

I wrote the poems (my first as an adult!) in response to Cherine Fahd's 2011 Fear of series and my fear of writing poetry lol. I felt out of my depth but in a good way.

I'm particularly grateful to Loni Jeffs for her encouragement and edits.

I spent the first weekend of October in Newcastle for National Young Writers' Festival and spoke on two panels: 'Writing the Arts' and 'Inclusive Writing About Sex and Bodies'.

Highlights: friends, ocean baths, waves, Manisha's poetry workshop, dancing, zine fair

It was my third NYWF and many of my friends from 2015 and 2016 weren't there. (I miss Late Night Readings at the Royal Exchange. It was cute and intimate but inaccessible.)

I haven't had a writing deadline or commitment since NYWF and finishing edits to the Gemma Chan piece a few weeks ago. Hooray! I've been enjoying the break. Well, kind of. 

This month, I started a new job (which has been really busy). I've also been reading a lot, and revisiting / working on my manuscript for the first time since May.

On Monday, I found out my first poetry submission was accepted for publication. I'm so f**king excited. Not only did Chi Tran (!!!) select my poem but it'll be published with Zhi's!!!

For the first time in a while, I feel excited about writing.

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