Noted writers festival (3 - 7 May) came and went.

The highlight was catching up with friends, local and interstate.

I finally met Marta Skrabacz, Katerina Bryant, Sanna Wei and Julie Koh in real life. YAY!

Other highlights: catching up with Nina Carter, Lachlan Brown, Wendy Chen and Tegan Elizabeth Webb, readings ('Gay Sex is Fun' and 'Mixtape Memoirs'), Emma Rose Smith's lecture on hysteria and resistance in literature, and selling zines with Zhi Yi Cham.

I wrote two pieces for Noted: 'Discovering my political voice' and 'What I'm Reading' and did a reading as part of a walking tour of Canberra's disappearing arcades.

Highly recommend: Chloe Papas's column for advice on the writing / freelancing life, Yen-Rong Wong on imposter syndrome ('The pursuit for perfection is equally impossible in research science and in the arts, and yet discussions around failure are very different.'), Lucy Nelson on the value of the arts, and Bri Lee on Didion and style.

Noted in one word: nourishing xo

HUGE congratulations and thanks to the festival team: Yasmin Masri, Lucy Nelson, Marta Skrabacz, Delephene Fraser, Aidan Delaney, Leife Shallcross, Andrew Galan, Duncan Felton and Sophie Mannix. Noted is so much more than five days of 2017.

P.S. I also met Jenevieve Chang and Roanna Gonsalves during Noted weekend at Muse.


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