Two weeks ago, I was (still) at cross-roads. Another year older.

What do I want to do with my life? I do not know.

At the very least, I want to reinvent myself as a writer.

I am tired of shredding my life and scrabbling through the pieces to find a 'narrative'.


Last week my guest post on 'being Asian', sex, guilt and self-respect was published.

It is part of the Stella Schools Provocations series 'No One Way to be Asian in Australia', beginning with a panel featuring Leanne Hall, Alice Pung and Rebecca Lim (podcast here) and explored further in guest posts by Rachel Ang, Sanna Wei and myself.

Last year's series 'Pushback' featured Rebecca Lim, Demet Divaroren, Sarah Ayoub and Hannah Donnelly responding to bigotry, fear and Islamophobia in Australia. More here.


On Friday, I spun a tale of 'two people, a park and one night', as part of Haigiography. It was a magical experience, working with a collective of artists, ranging from visual (dance, aerial performance and installations) to aural (experimental music and poetry).

Credit: Sarah Walker
Big THANK YOU to Deb Cleland for inviting me to be part of the 'Haigiography family' and to Lisa and Eva for making me feel super-welcome xo

More photos here.


So, what's next?

I have re-designed my blog to be sleeker yet more visual. More 'me'. 

As I cross into my 'late-mid-twenties', I am entering (in some ways) a new stage of my life, as a writer and a person. Transitions are rarely straightforward but I see light now.

(to be continued.)


  1. This is lovely <3 Your post was brilliant and that Haigiography event sounds amazing!

  2. Thanks Wendy!! It was sooo good to catch up properly at Noted xo


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