A few of my favourite things... (2016)

The end of the year is like the rising tide. It creeps up, bit by bit, then devours everything. Pop.

My favourite things in previous years: 2015 | 2014 | 2013


This is the year I identified as a feminist and started thinking about race... how it intersects with my gender and how it affects the lives of other people. I still have a lot to learn but I'm less ignorant, less naïve. This is my / our reality. Songs that defined 2016 for me: 'Smile' and 'Sorry'.  

Don't tell me to smile / Don't tell me to smile / Don't tell me to smile

If you don't know me, brother

Middle fingers up / Put 'em hands high / Wave it in his face

Tell 'im boy bye / Tell 'im boy bye / Boy bye

Middle fingers up / I ain't thinking 'bout you


As always, female vocals: Synthia (The Jezabels), TKAY (Tkay Maidza), Lemonade (Beyoncé).


I shared my top five books of 2016 with Pencilled In, a new literary magazine featuring work by young Asian-Australian writers and artists and founded by my talented friend Yen-Rong Wong.
  1. Portable Curiosities – Julie Koh
  2. The Near and The Far (ed. David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short)
  3. The Hate Race – Maxine Beneba Clarke
  4. I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This – Nadja Spiegelman
  5. My First Lesson (ed. Alice Pung)
Click on the link here to find out why and for recommendations from Yen-Rong, Wendy Chen and Rajith Savanadasa. Submissions for Issue 1: Fear and Hope close 5 January 2017. Please also consider making a tax deductible donation to support contributors, printing and distribution.

Special mentions: Fantasian Larissa Pham and milk and honey rupi kaur


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