NYWF (Sun)

This post is extremely belated. Gosh, I can't believe we're at the end of November.

Sunday 2 October

The wonderful Nina Carter and I co-host Me, Myself and I: Writing for Yourself in the park (review by the lovely Annie Waters, one of the NYWF co-directors, here).

We dash there from breakfast with the Voiceworks EdComm. I can't believe my time as editor is coming to an end. It's been such a joy and privilege to have been part of something so special.

The future is bright.

I wander to the Zine Fair and pick up a couple of presents. Bump into more friends. It is warm.

Chair my final panel Fringe Dwellers on art in a smaller city, featuring Chiara Grassia (Canberra), Jakob Boyd (Perth) and The Line (Newcastle). There are much smaller cities...

A young woman asks at the end what our advice would be to someone starting out as a writer. 

My advice: 'Don't worry about trying to please everyone because you can't. Your audience is out there and somehow, I don't know how, they will find you.' Give yourself permission to 'fail'. 

This sounds negative but is actually liberating. It has given me the courage to write what I write.
It is a universal truth that we will not inspire everyone, resonate with everyone or empower everyone. There are billions of us, and it's unrealistic to assume that our message is meant for them all.
- Nicole Gulotta -
Napped. Then readings: Women of History and Late Night Readings: Sex, Death, Money.

Wendy Chen (who I am so proud of) read one of the most moving pieces of the festival on the Brontë sisters and love that transcends death. You could have heard a pin drop in the room.

Pun of the festival: "Cod evening, I thought I'd start with a fish pun." (Freya Daly Sadgrove)

Until next year xo

NYWF festival team  YOU ARE ALL AMAZING xo


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