my NYWF debut + more (!) readings

In two weeks, (new-old) friends and I will be at National Young Writers' Festival (NYWF).

I went for the first time last year and wrote about it here and for the ACT Writers Centre. As we clapped and cheered the organisers at the festival's close, I decided: I. want. to. be. part. of. this.

And I am! (I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet...)

I am making my debut as a NYWF artist in not one, but four (!), events. To top this off, I was mentioned in the same sentence as several high-profile writers in the program announcement.

Will spending the next weeks preparing, eep! 

Do come and say hi at the events below or around the festival xo 

(FULL program here)

Friday 30 September

11am - 12pm Anarchist Audience (with Marlee Jane Ward and Chloe Papas)

Writing a piece is only half the battle - once your work makes its way out into the world, there's no controlling what happens next. And sometimes, the reaction might not be quite what you expected. Prepare to get rowdy as these authors discuss unexpected audience reactions.

4 -6pm Programming Workshop

Whether you're dreaming of a reading, scheming the next big literary shindig or wanting to start a live-stream podcast of your book club meetings, organising an arts event is hard. Navigating venues, money, promotion and people can quickly turn the best into a screaming wreck. Bring your fledgling arts event idea to Shu-Ling Chua and set it soaring to a cafe/pub/public library near you.

Sunday 2 October

11am - 12pm Me, Myself and I: Writing for Yourself Roundtable (with Nina Carter)

When you tell people you're a writer, everyone assumes that you're out to make the bestseller lists, become the next Voice of a Generation, and/or write the next Game of Thrones. But sometimes writing is less about external validation, and more about internal validation. Because at the end of the day, isn't your voice the only one that really matters?

2.30 - 3.30pm Fringe Dwellers (with Jakob Boyd, Chiara Grassia and Harry Maguire)

Living in a small nation that is geographically huge can leave young artists in regional areas isolated and lacking the creative networks of our metropolitan cousins. Some of Australia's parochial movers and shakers get together to discuss how they have started something where there was relatively nothing and the reality of small city living and the arts.


Meanwhile, I will be doing two (!) readings in Canberra next week. 

TUE: reading a piece by a friend Yen-Rong Wong at the launch of Homer, a new website designed to discuss masculinities and promote alternative role models for men.

SAT: reading an excerpt of my essay on casual racism and sexism at Tracks, a one-day program to facilitate, develop, inform, and showcase young writers and publishers in the Canberra region.

This song trickled into my life when I plugged the radio in for the first time in my new home. 

(home is the moment i unpack the stereo.)

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