my EWF debut

It's 8.40pm. I'm exhausted and my shoulders ache...

The early nights and mornings worked well for a week but late nights have crept back in. First one, then another... the beginning of a cycle I am determined to break.

I'm catching the first flight tomorrow (6.25am!) to Melbourne for Emerging Writers' Festival which I'm so, so excited about. Please do say hi if you happen to be at any these events too.

FRI - Masterclass: A Room of One's Own

SAT and SUN - National Writers' Conference

MON - Masterclass: Emerging Programmers (speaking on my first ever panel, eep!)

TUE - Masterclass: Criticism

WED - Songs and Stories of Home and Late Night Lit: Midwinter Nocturne

(straight back to work on Thursday)

I'm looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, testing new ideas and absorbing tips, tricks and industry secrets like a sponge.

Most importantly, Mum will be celebrating and supporting the arts with me on Wednesday which I'm really excited about. It's not often that we go to events like this together. I love you Mum xo

Now to decide what to wear...


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