Left work midday Thu. Arrived late afternoon.

Had dinner and ice cream in Newtown with L. Then Kimbra.


Wandered up and down Enmore Rd / King St Fri morning.

Breakfast at Brewtown - grilled black sausage, eggplant puree, fennel and blood orange salad, goats cheese

Left stores (including Kinokuniya) empty-handed.

Pleased with self-restraint.

Treated myself to dinner at Bloodwood
in a newly bought little black dress.

socca - chickpea pancake, summer seeds, quinoa, mushroom, persian fetta

butter poached snapper w peas, garlic chive, olive oil tea crumb


Sat - more food and ice cream in Surry Hills with J. 

Hadn't seen each other since May last year but picked up where we left off. Friends like that are simply lovely.

A change in scenery. Strangers. City. Old friends.

Delightfully refreshing.

(I could get used to this.)


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