new title. (not-so-new blog.)

So. I've been tinkering.

New: 'About' page. Search box. Labels. Title.

After three years as Lagom lycklig,
this wasn't a decision taken lightly.

While I still aim for 'just the right amount of happy',
this blog is no longer what it once was.

Hence, the new title.

First published in 1913, Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter is the eponymous story of a girl who touches the lives of others through her kind, open heart and 'simple' optimism.

A "little prism girl". Sparkling with light and colour.

It's not always 'simple' but I try.


  1. An optimistic outlook sounds much better than occasionally happy.

    And Cordelia said she absolutely loves your dresses...:-)..she was sitting here with me when yr email came in....

  2. She also told me that no sentence should start with AND...we all love 7 yr old grammar lessons :-)

  3. AND (haha) we were listening to

  4. Ha ha, thanks Warrick and Cordelia :) I'm glad you like the dresses. I do too! I've been quite creative in my use of grammar of late so perhaps she has a few lessons for me too. AND I'm glad you're listening to the new alt-J album. I've been playing it on repeat and will most likely vote for a couple of songs in this year's Hottest 100 countdown. Can't wait!

    1. P.S. I think Cordelia is an absolutely beautiful name.


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