The year that was...

With less than 10 days until 2014, I want to reflect on the year that was.

2013 was a HUGE year. Moving to Canberra, first year of full-time work, finding somewhere to live, new friends, new city, new team (in July), the election, new government, moving (again) and worst of all, the uncertainty.

While I knew I had an ongoing position, I didn't know where my final placement would be until two days before finishing the grad program!

And while yes, I'm staying, who knows what the future holds...

The 'big' question for me with this year was love and what it means. Is love something you feel straightaway or is it something that grows over time?

And there's no easy answer... I've only ever dated two guys and both this year  the first for five weeks and the second for three and half months. Even if they didn't 'last', I don't regret a single moment because I learnt so much.

One day, I will fall in love. At least I think I will. And if I don't, that's ok.

Life works in mysterious ways... you never know who you will meet and when. I'm closer to my next birthday than my last but I'll only be 23 next year. There is still so much I want to do before I even think of settling down.

Reading over a post from FebruaryLonsdale Street and New Acton did end up being two of my favourite places. Along the way, I discovered Loading Zone (still my favourite café), 'the lake' and the National Arboretum.

As I wrote in July, Canberra will always have a special place in my heart. And with that, I want to conclude with a quote from Speechless by James Button:
And I wanted to write about Canberra, this city that lures ambitious people from all across Australia, a city that remakes families, a city of clamorous debates and deserted streets, a city of words, permeated with an immense silence.
I wanted to write about Canberra too. I think I've somewhat succeeded...

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