Pretty flowers...

With summer just around the corner, I realise I haven't posted anything all spring... Pretty things, pretty places (and pretty people) are easy to love.

So much has happened in the past few months...

  • 7 September : 2013 federal election (and a change in government)
  • 21 September : open day at the Swedish Embassy
  • 28 - 30 September : weekend in Melbourne - yay!
  • 5 October : saw the (infamous) Skywhale
  • 10 October : Chae Hyang-soon Korean Dance Concert
  • 12 October : tour of the residence of the British High Commission
  • 25 October : Owl Eyes concert
  • 10 November : high tea at Old Parliament House

Floriade opening day (14 September) 
Nightfest (26 September)
Nightfest (26 September)
Chae Hyang-soon Korean Dance Concert (10 October)
Spring High Tea at Old Parliament House (10 November)
So that's my last few months in a snapshot. I thought it appropriate to end with more pretty flowers... This Sunday I will be moving to Kingston.

It was time for change and somewhere with more space... Looking forward to hosting my first dinner party! I'll be within walking distance to work and sharing with two girls. I moved most of my things over last week actually. 

Come to think of it, not owning furniture can be wonderfully liberating!

Floriade (again... 7 October)


  1. Wow! So many good photos! Canberra is big with events!!
    How do you like your new place? Let me know your new address next time you write to me. I put your old address when I sent out the Christmas card. Hope it reaches you safely! Have a great summer! It's freezing here, though, brr... :)

    1. Hi Miyuki!

      It's great to hear from you :) I sent you a little package last week so it has my new address. Hope it arrives before Christmas and that the chocolate doesn't melt! The new place is more spacious and closer to work (15 minutes walk) but I'll probably move again next year...

      My old housemates will keep your card for me so don't worry! It's 36 degrees today in Canberra. So hot... Thanks for reading!

      Shu-Ling xoxo


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