The Times They Are A-Changin'

I've written about my love for autumn before [California Dreamin'] but I think it deserves a second post. I pass the park below everyday to and from work... I would like to stop but time constraints have prevented me thus far.

I took the second photo while on lunch break in the oak plantation beside my office, wondering if I would be hit as I listened to acorns fall around me. I remember looking up at the building just before my interview and thinking how much I really wanted to work there. I still pinch myself sometimes!

I'm surprised how quickly I've come to accept that my life is now in Canberra and wonder if it is some indication of how quickly or well I've settled here... 

It has been two weeks since I returned from spending Easter in Melbourne. I was of course excited and happy to see my friends and family but a part of me knew that my life wasn't there anymore. I know Melbourne will always be home but it was the first time I 'visited' as opposed to 'returned' home...


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